Thai Kickboxing (all levels)

You will learn the mental and physical discipline needed in this ancient martial art that originated and is deeply rooted in the Thai culture. It involves a range of stand-up clinching and striking techniques that include punches, kicks, knees and elbows. Not only will you find this a great workout but also a way in which you can release stress and bring on mental strength. You will leave the class feeling challenged and motivated.


Youth Sparring (13-16yo)

In this class, our teenagers get to put the techniques they learn during the week to good use in our safe sparring environment.

An excellent class for those who are looking to compete or learn how to better defend themselves. Safety equipment required.

20200728180520_IMG_0285 Kickboxing Champ

Kickboxing Champion (7-11 Years)

For kids between the ages of 7-11. They will be taught self-defense, coordination, discipline, and teamwork. Our little champions will be hitting pads, learning kickboxing techniques, playing fitness games, and at the same time making life long friends.

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Boxing (all levels)

In order to improve your fitness goals, you will be working out like a professional boxer in this high energy class that concentrates on boxing moves and combinations. This is not your typical boxercise group fitness class that you will find at your local gym because our experienced trainers will make sure you learn how to execute correct techniques. Your speed, endurance and agility will improve and you will be left begging for more!
*This class is suitable for all fitness levels
*Warning- You will be sore the next day!


Kickboxing Elite (12-15 Years)

In the teen classes we will be picking up the tempo a little more. Your teenager will learn how to defend themselves in real-life situations whilst increasing their confidence, flexibility, coordination and fitness levels. Teens will learn more advanced kickboxing techniques to enhance their ability.


Power Class (Strength and Conditioning – all levels)

Whether your goal is to lose fat and tone up or to build muscle this 30-minute class is for you. In this circuit based class you will be using bars and bells appropriate to your level. Every week you will fire up your muscles and challenge your personal best. Whatever your strength and conditioning goals are, we will be able to cater to you. This class is suitable for all fitness levels and requires no coordination.
(If fat loss is a goal for you, combine this class with any of our other classes and you will fast track your results)


Personal & Private Group Training


At AKA, we can proudly state that our team is on a completely another level. Apart from their tremendous experience all our trainers have completed or are actively competing locally or internationally in a variety of martial art and fitness disciplines like MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and more.

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Dutch Kickboxing (Advanced)

In this class you will learn how the Dutch have adapted the ancient martial art of Muay Thai. Just like Muay Thai, you will be punching, kicking and kneeing. Although, in this class the importance on evading and countering strikes is particularly focused on through your boxing style such as head movement, fast footwork and punching combinations.
It is a fun and high intensity class where shin pads are mandatory. You will be trading techniques back and forth with a partner and throwing combinations like never before.
Tuesday’s class is designated to advanced members and Friday’s classes are designated for sparring.


Kickboxing Little Warriors(5-6 Years) 

Our after school kickboxing program offers kids the opportunity to develop an understanding and love for physical activity under the watchful eye of our experienced coaches. Our kickboxing programs are also designed to develop conditioning, hand-eye coming-ordination, strength and overall well being.


 Wrestling - Grappling(All Levels)

Wrestling classes start with a short warm up consisting of exercises that build on wrestling techniques and general stretching. In our classes you will learn a number of wrestling moves and techniques at an easy pace. Wrestling is also a great self-defence art that builds self-confidence and self-control.